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Rockstar Millwrights is a division of Rockstar Recruiting that specializes in opportunities for Millwrights, Industrial Mechanics and Maintenance Technicians. We work with companies throughout North America to help you quickly fill your Millwright jobs with Rockstar caliber technicians.

If you have a hard to fill Millwright opening, we can help!
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Why Are Good Millwrights So Hard To Find?

Increase In Demand

The rise of online retailers has created a new type or warehouse that runs on advanced machinery. Also, manufacturing jobs are returning to North America. Both of these require skilled Millwrights to keep the lines running.

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Decrease In Supply

Enrollment in Trade Schools is down across North America, there are not enough people choosing to take on a career as a Millwright. Also the Baby Boomer Generation is retiring, taking with it many skilled technicians.

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Job Ads
Don't Work.

At any given time, the number of qualified Millwrights that are actively looking for a new job is about 15%. That means that if your recruiting strategy relies on Job Ads, then you are missing out on 85% of the talent pool. To reach your target audience you need a more active recruitment strategy.

Rockstar Millwrights takes the search way beyond the job board. Through networking, referrals and headhunting, we are able to engage with a much larger group of technicians who are not actively looking but are always open to career enhancing opportunities.

Results Matter

You need Industrial Mechanics and you need them now. Rockstar Millwrights produces fast, quality results. 

Since 2018, Rockstar Recruiting has a  71% success rate on all new searches that we have take on. We work closely with your team to ensure we find the right match. 

On average we are able to find you highly qualified candidates within 1-2 weeks of starting the search.

71% placement fill rate
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quick results, find you candidates in 1-2 weeks