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Nowadays, job seekers have plenty of resources and platforms offering plenty of career-related advice and tips to either get a new job or get promoted in their career. However, as I’m sure most of you noticed, they typically are not geared towards the HVAC/R trade, and more suited to office type roles – so not really helpful to the skilled tradesperson.

Below is a list of some quick career tips and trade-related advice for HVAC Installers, Service Technicians, or Apprentices. Check back here often as this list will keep growing…and if you have any suggestions, leave a comment and we will add it to the list! For more career advice and interview tips, take a look here.

  • Changing your HVAC systems filter once a month or as directed by the manufacturer, will keep your system running smoothly and efficiently
  • Use a clean and simple email address on your resume because partyhard69@hotmail.com does not make a positive impression with employers or recruiters
  • If you’re on the job market and are applying to new opportunities, make sure your voice mail is set up, sounds professional, and you check your messages regularly.
  • Using an experienced Recruiter who focuses on your trade will help streamline the hiring process, provide access to multiple jobs, will negotiate the best possible offer, and is available as a free resource throughout your career
  • Put your well-being first and avoid using shortcuts to get the job done. You’re dealing with electrical currents, chemicals, and severe temperatures – your limbs and life will thank you
  • Looking for repeat business? ALWAYS be courteous to customers and educate them on their HVAC system, it’s maintenance, and provide professional advice on what they actually need
  • Service Technician going on your first solo call? Don’t be afraid to call a senior tech for assistance if you get stuck trying to fix a problem. Using the experience of your coworkers & available resources can save your company & clients money and time.
  • Heading to an interview straight from work and don’t have time to go home and change? Put a clean shirt and pair of shoes in your vehicle to quickly change into
  • Bring 2 copies of your updated resume (1 for you and 1 extra in case someone joins the interview), as well as copies of any relevant trade/safety certifications & licenses to an interview
  • Job hunting? Save your resume as a .DOCX file (i.e. Word) instead of as a PDF to increase the chances of your resume being seen and read
  • Join a professional HVAC-related Association to make contacts, stay updated with industry news/trends, & find new job opportunities
  • Don’t become obsolete! Keep your HVAC skills/knowledge up to date through ongoing education & training programs
  • Use a programmable thermostat so your system operates efficiently year-round plus save energy & money when sleeping or on vacation
  • Your ability to stay calm under pressure and work well under stress will set you apart from colleagues and leave a positive impression with clients
  • Before joining a company, take a look at their: Google/Glassdoor reviews, social media pages, website, and speak with others in the trade
  • Make sure to use your ventilation fan when showering or cooking to reduce humidity and maintain a comfortable environment
  • Always install and maintain fire and carbon monoxide alarms in your home for the safety of your family
  • Looking to stay cool in the summer? Use cotton or linen bed sheets as it’s breathable and more comfortable
  • A well insulated home means energy savings, consistent air temperatures, and increases the value of your home
  • Looking to get your first job in the trade? Speak with your training Instructor for company recommendations and ask them for letters of recommendation
  • Screwed up and have a call back? If a tech calls you out about it, don’t get angry – LEARN from it so you don’t make the same mistake twice
  • Win customers over with your skills, expertise, and professionalism NOT by talking trash about coworkers or other companies
  • Keep your condenser unit free of debris and shrubs to maintain proper air flow
  • With colder weather approaching, cover your outdoor a/c unit to prolong its life and protect it from unexpected damage
  • Double duty: Have both a small and large wire brush in your toolbox. When in a pinch, you can use the bristle from the large wire brush to clean out debris in a pilot orifice
  • Listing all relevant current trade licenses, certifications, and training on your resume can help quickly grab a recruiter and hiring manager’s attention

If you’re on the job market, contact Rockstar HVAC today and let our skilled trade recruiting expertise help get you the job you are looking for!

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