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Rockstar HVAC is the HVAC division of Rockstar Recruiting, we are your recruiter for HVAC Technicians, Installers and Gas Fitters. Call us whatever you like … head hunters, employment agency, staffing firm etc. the bottom line is we can help you find and hire your HVAC Technicians.

If you have a hard to fill HVAC opening, we can help!
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Why Are Good HVAC Techs So Hard To Find?

Collection of high rise buildings
Increase In Demand

New Commercial, Industrial and Residential Buildings are going up every day and require experienced Installers. Existing buildings are only getting older and need more and more qualified technicians. The need for HVAC Techs has never been greater and is only going to increase.

wall of hung up hardhats
Decrease In Supply

The Baby Boomer Generation is retiring, taking with it many skilled technicians. On top of that enrollment in Trade Schools across North America is down. We are currently in a situation where there are more techs leaving the trade then entering it.

Technician hand holding a wrench

Job Boards Don't Work.

HVAC Technicians are on the Job not on Job Boards. Posting an ad where none of your target audience will see it, is useless. Job Boards simply don’t work when it comes to in demand jobs like technicians.

Rockstar HVAC goes way beyond the job board, we network with technicians, gather referrals and head hunt to find you the exact technician that you need.

Results Matter

You need HVAC Mechanics and you need them now. Rockstar HVAC produces fast, quality results. 

Since 2018, Rockstar Recruiting has a  71% success rate on all new searches that we have take on. We work closely with your team to ensure we find the right match. 

On average we are able to find you highly qualified candidates within 1-2 weeks of starting the search.

71% placement fill rate
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Let's rock n Roll
quick results, find you candidates in 1-2 weeks