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Rockstar Recruiting

The Original Solution

Rockstar Classic or Contingency Recruiting is our most popular program. There are no risks, no upfront costs and every placement comes with a warranty. You give us the details of what you are looking for (Job Description/Job Title, Shift, Pay Range etc.) and we go out and find you Rockstar Candidates.

We use a variety of direct and indirect recruiting methods including searching our massive network of candidates, headhunting, referrals, searching databases and posting on leading job boards.

All candidates we source, we go through a thorough screening process to ensure you are only presented with candidates that are qualified and interested in your opportunity. It is your choice from there if you want to bring them in for an interview and ultimately hire them.

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Access To a Large Pool Of Candidates

We look high, low and under every rock to perform the most exhaustive search possible. Our goal is to find you a selection of well qualified candidates that you can choose from. 85% of the candidates we present are passive candidates that you will not find with any job ads.

No Upfront Costs

With Rockstar Classic, there is only ever a fee if we are successful finding you the candidate you hire. No upfront fees, no cancellation costs, no surprises.

Fast Turnaround

Our recruiters work extremely fast on your behalf to find you candidates as fast as possible. You will often have candidates to choose from within 1-2 weeks of us starting the search.

Warranty Backed Results

All Rockstar Classic placements come with a warranty to protect your investment. If the first hire is not a perfect fit, we will find you a replacement at no cost.

Best Used For

Manager, Technicians, Support Staff

Rockstar Recruiting specializes in helping you fill those traditionally hard-to-fill roles such as Service Managers, Technicians, Mechanics, Millwrights, Installers, and Support Staff such as Dispatchers, Parts People, and Service Advisors.

Our team of experienced recruiters have filled roles throughout the USA and Canada with success stories in every State and Province. Wherever you need them, we can find them!

Growth & Turnover

Contingency Recruiting works great if your company is growing and needs to add staff or if you have had some turnover and need to backfill some roles. Our recruiters will work fast to ensure your shop is back to its optimal staffing levels ASAP.

Rockstar Classic fits best with companies that need to hire 1-10 people a year. For higher volume such as opening a new shop or if you have multiple locations across the country, Rockstar On Demand, our RPO Model may be the better fit for you. Learn more about ROD here.

Ready To Give Rockstar Classic A Try?

If you have any questions about our service or would like us to get started on a search for you please call us at: 
1-833-937-3546 or fill out the below form and we will be in touch ASAP.