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Rockstar Recruiting

The Complete Solution

Rockstar On Demand is the highest level of service that we provide. It is a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model that gives you access to a dedicated Rockstar Recruiter. They act like your own internal employee but come with all the benefits only a skilled recruiter can provide. 

You assign the job orders and your recruiter will utilize direct and indirect recruitment methods including headhunting, referrals, networking, job ads, etc. as well as utilize our own internal, massive database of candidates.

Your recruiter can handle multiple different types of jobs in various locations and provide you with access to a large pool of qualified candidates. The end result is that your time-to-hire will go way down and you will be filling multiple positions monthly with Rockstar quality candidates. 

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Access To a Large Pool Of Candidates

Your Rockstar On Demand Recruiter will be experienced, well trained and armed with a whole tool box of resources geared toward finding top talent. They go way beyond the job board with roughly 85% of the candidates presented being passive candidates.

Low Monthly Fees

With Rockstar On Demand you pay a set monthly fee (typically the cost of 1-1.5 placements) and your recruiter works on the searches you provide. There are never any extra fees and in most cases you can expect to make multiple placements per month while also building your pipeline of talent for future openings.


Your recruiter can work on multiple searches in multiple locations all at the same time. With the vast resources that they have at their disposal, as well as the backing of our experienced team, you can count on greatly reducing your time to hire.


Your Rockstar On Demand Recruiter will become part of your team and can help with your full hiring process including sourcing, screening, interviewing, scheduling, coordinating background checks and onboarding.

Best Used For

High Volume Recruitment

Rockstar on Demand works the best when you need to hire a lot of hard to find talent. If you are projecting 10+ hires this year, Rockstar On Demand is the perfect solution. This especially works well for companies with multiple branches that need to hire for growth as well as for attrition.

Some examples where Rockstar On Demand has been a great success have been:

  • Large Transportation companies with multiple service centers throughout the country that regularly need to hire Diesel Technicians/Mechanics
  • Multi-branch HVAC Companies that are regularly in need of adding HVAC Technicians and Installers.

Technicians, Support Staff and Entry Level Roles

Rockstar Recruiting has a vast database that specializes in roles for Technicians, Mechanics and Millwrights but our reach does not stop there, we can help with support staff (dispatchers, parts people, service advisors) as well as Entry Level Roles. Many companies choose to not use Recruiters when looking for entry level and apprentices as they want to save on recruiting fees. With Rockstar On Demand, you can now ask your recruiter to also find you top talent for your Apprenticeship roles and start building your team with up-and-coming Rockstars!

Ready To Give Rockstar On Demand A Try?

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