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Rockstar Recruiting started in 2018 over a breakfast meeting between two recruiters, introduced through a mother-in-law. By the time the eggs arrived, it was clear they both shared a passion for recruiting, had similar beliefs as to how the job should be done, and most importantly, each had a problem that the other could solve.

Mark was an Executive and Sales Recruiter focused on roles in the industrial and construction industries. He had built up a very strong reputation through his years in the business, particularly through his company Venters Recruits. He has always looked at recruiting as a way to help his clients grow their business. His client’s problems became his problems, and as a true DIY-er, he set out to find a solution. However, there was a simple problem that was getting worse: access to skilled tradespeople were increasingly hard to find. Mark’s clients would routinely say that the biggest thing preventing them from growing was an inability to find good trades people, particularly mechanics and HVAC technicians.

Enter Dave, a Skilled Trades Recruiter who had spent over a decade recruiting mechanics and millwrights. He had been working with the same recruiting firm since the day he graduated and things there had deteriorated. He did not agree with the direction the business was headed, and for the first time in his career, he was open to change.

Dave could solve Mark’s problem of finding skilled tradespeople. Mark could solve Dave’s problem by providing a recruiting firm dedicated to getting the job done the right way. Their mission was simple: provide clients with in-depth recruiting solutions (no post and pray strategies) and conduct themselves with high ethics (no robbing Peter to pay Paul).

Rockstar Recruiting was started soon after that initial breakfast meeting, and took off faster than either men thought possible. They started with a focus on mechanics, and they were fortunate to have Jacquie join the team a year later to start an HVAC division. The company has continued to grow: millwrights and fire protection recruiting were added to with dedicated recruiters on each team. Through the company’s growth, the team has remained true to their goals of doing the job the right way. 

If you have a skilled trades opening you need help filling, give us a call: 1-833-937-3546.

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Meet Our Management Team

It takes a Rockstar, to find a Rockstar!

Managing Partner

Mark Venters

Mark is the visionary behind Rockstar Recruiting. He has many years of experience in both recruiting and industrial sales. Everything Mark does is with honesty, openness, and the high ethics that you would expect from an East Coaster. Mark is a hands-on manager who works closely with the team to ensure everyone operates under the same principles that have made him a trusted resource. He is equally passionate about recruiting and Classic Rock, and if you look hard enough you can probably find a desk in Newfoundland with “DEF LEPPARD” engraved on it, courtesy of Mark Venters.

GM - Rockstar HVAC & Rockstar FIRE

Jacquie Tamaya

Jacquie is the head of the Rockstar HVAC and the Rockstar Fire teams. She comes to the table with over 15 years of experience recruiting skilled tradespeople. She is a real rarity in the recruiting world who genuinely cares about her clients, candidates, and fellow recruiters. Jacquie is more concerned with finding the right fit than landing the deal. You can count on Jacquie to leave no stone unturned in her pursuit of Rockstar technicians and installers.


GM - Rockstar Mechanics & Rockstar Millwrights

Dave Morley

What Dave lacks in hair (the dude is seriously bald) he makes up for with recruiting expertise. He has been recruiting in the trades for over 10 years, he is loyal to a fault, and will do anything and everything for his clients, candidates and staff. Dave is in charge of executing Mark’s vision: collaborating with the team of Rockstar Recruiters with a focus on going above and beyond for candidates and clients alike. When he is not recruiting he can be found at the Go Kart Track working as a mechanic and pit crew member for Jacko 500 Racing.

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