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Introducing Rockstar Fire – Your Premier Recruiting Partner for Fire Protection Technicians and Sprinkler Fitters! As a division of Rockstar Recruiting, we bring industry expertise and unparalleled recruiting talent to the world of Fire Protection, Security and Life Safety.

We collaborate with companies across North America, providing swift and effective solutions for all your Fire Protection Technician recruitment needs.

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Why Are Sprinkler Fitters So Hard To Find?

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Increase In Demand

New construction, particularly of high rise buildings is leading to the need for more and more experienced sprinkler fitters, fire protection technicians and security installers. Also, with ever increasing safety standards, older buildings are constantly being retrofitted.

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Decrease In Supply

A decline in sprinkler fitters is linked to diminishing enrollment in trade schools and waning interest in skilled trades. The retirement of the Baby Boomer Generation exacerbates the issue, creating a void as experienced professionals leave. This dual challenge, alongside a shortage of new entrants, poses significant hurdles in meeting the demand for skilled sprinkler fitters. Proactive measures are crucial to attract and train the next generation in this critical field.

Job Ads
Don't Work.

At any given moment, merely around 15% of the qualified workforce is actively pursue new job opportunities. Depending solely on job advertisements in your recruitment strategy could result in missing out on 85% of the potential talent. To truly connect with your target audience, it’s crucial to embrace a more dynamic recruitment approach.

Rockstar Fire goes beyond conventional job boards, expanding the search horizon. By utilizing networking, referrals, and headhunting, we connect with a considerably wider spectrum of technicians. While many may not actively seek opportunities, they are receptive to career-enhancing prospects.

Results Matter

Rockstar Fire can help with a wide variety of roles including but not limited to:

  • Fire Alarm Installers
  • Sprinkler Fitters
  • Sprinkler Technicians
  • Fire Protection Technicians
  • Fire/Kitchen Suppression Technicians
  • Alarm Control System Technicians
  • Security System Technicians
  • Security System Installers
  • Fire and Security System Inspectors

We have been perfecting Skilled Trades recruitment since 2018 and have made placements throughout Canada and the USA with success in every State and Province.

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