Video Interview Tips For Mechanics

video interview

Video conference interviewing is becoming more and more popular these days for mechanic roles. There are several reasons for this including saving time and being able to have multiple people in on the interview from various branches. This works especially well if you are interviewing at a shop that has several locations and the District Service Manager from head office wants to be involved in the hiring process.

A Video interview is a lot different than you standard in person interview and you should be prepared for it. Below are a list of tips that will help you with your video interview, if you have an in person interview lined up, use these tips.

  1. Get comfortable with the platform that will be used, the most popular are Skype, Zoom, and Go To Meeting. Prior to your interview do a practice call with someone you know/trust to get familiar with how the program works
  2. Test the device you are going to be using (Phone, Tablet, Computer) to make sure it is working properly and is fully charged
  3. Close all other tabs or programs that are open, make the video the only thing open at the time
  4. Prior to the interview, position the camera to frame you from the chest up with your face centered and at eye-level
  5. Choose a room that is quiet and well lit to be easily seen and heard
  6. Set yourself up in an area with a neutral background and make sure there is nothing embarrassing in view of the camera
  7. Close any other devices so they do not interrupt you
  8. Log in and get set up on the platform ahead of time, give yourself about 15 minutes just in case there are any unexpected complications
  9. If you have an account set up make sure it is professional, this includes display picture and user name
  10. Dress to impress as if you are meeting in person. As you are on camera, it is best to wear solid and more neutral colours. Even though they won’t see you, wear pants! It is amazing how often you may need to stand up to deal with something on a call and people have been embarrassed before.
  11. Maintain good eye contact – when speaking, look directly into the camera instead of the interviewer so that on their end, you’re making direct eye contact and not looking down
  12. When you enter the call leave your full name so the other person knows they have the right person
  13. Have your resume on hand, along with a pen and paper to make notes
  14. Be friendly, smile, lean forward, and nod as you’re listening to show you are interested and engaged
  15. Do not try to do a meeting from the road on your phone, show them that you are taking it seriously and plan out where you will be
  16. Do not eat during the interview
  17. Keep a glass of water near by

Most of all, be yourself, relax and remember you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. You’ve got this!

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