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Rockstar Mechanics, a division of Rockstar Recruiting, is your best solution for hiring Mechanics. We are Mechanic Recruiters (employment agency, head hunter, staffing firm … whatever you want to call us, is fine.) We specialize in helping companies throughout Canada and the USA, find and hire Automotive, Diesel Truck and Heavy Equipment Mechanics. 

If you have a hard to fill position, we can help!
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Why Mechanics Are So Hard To Find

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Increase In Demand

Over the past 20 years, the numbers of vehicles on the road and pieces of heavy equipment in use throughout North America, has risen by close to 40%. More vehicles being driven, means an increase in maintenance and repairs, which requires more technicians.

Lead Diesel Mechanic teaching an apprentice mechanic
Decrease in Supply

While the demand for Mechanics has increased, the supply of qualified technicians has actually decreased. Apprenticeship enrollment numbers are down and massive numbers of Baby-Boomer Mechanics are retiring.

Mechanic with a wrench in hand

Job Boards Just Don't Work

There are 75% more Mechanic jobs available than there are qualified Mechanics that are actively looking for work. The best Mechanics are employed and not visiting job boards. Posting job ads is a passive action. You need an active strategy to find, attract and hire the best candidates. Rockstar Mechanics is that active recruiting solution, with over 85% of our placements coming from candidates that were not actively looking.

Results Matter

You need Mechanics and you need them now. Rockstar Mechanics produces fast, quality results. 

Since 2018, we have filled 71% of all new searches that we have taken on. We work closely with your team to ensure we find the right match. 

On average we are able to find you highly qualified candidates within 1-2 weeks of starting the search.


71% placement rate
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Female mechanic holding a wrench
Quick results 1-2 weeks average