Perks Of Rotation/Camp Jobs

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Heavy Equipment Technicians/Mechanics: Benefits of a Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) Camp Job

Are you a Heavy-Duty Equipment Technician looking for a new opportunity in the field? Are you interested in working at a remote location but are feeling indecisive? To maintain and meet the labour demands of a highly dynamic mining and construction industry, long-distance commuting (LDC), fly-in/fly-out (FIFO) and rotational shift has become a predominant model for Heavy Duty Equipment Technicians. It is a form of labour force enabling organizations to recruit from a global pool of skilled workers, whom are then assigned to a workplace, regardless of their home.

Perks/Benefits of a FIFO, LDC Rotational Shift

A remote position requires a candidate to be flexible in travelling for at-least 1-2 week periods to the job site, living in a mobile or stationary camp. To accommodate, organizations assemble a great benefits package for the position. See below for a list of common compensation:

  • Shift times vary, a candidate will work 2 weeks on and have 2 weeks off (half the year off) at well above Full-Time Pay
  • 12-hour shift days, with overtime work starting after an 8-hour day
  • Overtime Usually Paid on Weekends
  • Average 2 Week Rotation Will Pay Out 80 hours at Regular Time and 84 Hours at Overtime (Time and a Half)
  • Higher Than Average Base Pay
  • Housing/Shelter provided
  • Meal Plans/Food provided
  • Monthly travel and remote living allowance
  • Chartered Flights to the remote job site are covered by Organization
  • Opportunities for Career Growth
  • Company Training provided
  • Health insurance, Dental, Short and Long-Term Disability
  • Employee Assistance

If you are a Heavy Equipment Technician looking for an opportunity that provides great Job Security, Travel Assistance, Income with lots of Overtime, and is flexible with the rotational shift times, this position is ideal for you.

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