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Shop Management

Some of the Facts

Good Management Leads To A Good Shop

Shop Management is a vital component of any good shop. Good managers can reduce employee turnover, increase efficiency and promote safety. 

Service Managers at a dealer level are a key part of increasing Dealership profits. Fleet and Maintenance Managers are essential in reducing costs and ensuring that trucks and equipment are operating at peak efficiency.

A successful Parts Manager can produce large revenues, reduce vendor costs and ensure that the Service Department can run uninterrupted with the appropriate level of Parts Stock.

Many Technicians and Parts Staff aspire to join Management and it can be a rewarding career. Service Manager and Parts Manager is also not the final destination, there are regional and corporate management jobs available for those interested in continuing to climb the ladder.

Gross Profit For Automotive Dealerships From Parts And Sales Departments
Gross Profit For Heavy Truck Dealerships From Parts And Sales Departments

Successful Shops Rely on

A Management Team

Shop Supervisors

Lead Hand, Service Supervisor, Foreman

Service Manager

Fleet Manager, Maintenance Manager, Branch Manager


Parts Supervisor, Parts Manager


Regional Manager, Director of Maintenance, Corporate Service Manager
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How To Become a

Shop Manager

The majority of Shop Managers are former Technicians who demonstrated leadership and business acumen. It is not usually the All Star Mechanic who can fix anything or Diagnostic whiz that is promoted, it is usually the well rounded technician who works hard, does not create issues on the shop and is willing to go the extra mile. Being a Manager is less about technical ability and more about keeping the shop organized and customers happy. A background as a Mechanic is not always a requirement but it usually helps.

To become a Parts Manager most start as a Parts Counter Rep and maintain excellent customer service, stay incredibly organized and are willing to help and train new staff.

Most Shop Management roles are earned and are a result of promotions. College degrees in management can be helpful but are not always required.

Service and Parts Managers Are Always In Demand

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