5 Common Mistakes When Recruiting Mechanics

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If you are banging your head against the wall trying to hire mechanics and having no success, have a look at what your current recruiting strategy is. There are a series of mistakes that most companies make when they are trying to attract and hire technicians. While there are differences across the various fields most of these hold true regardless of if you are trying to hire Automotive Service Technicians, Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanics, Diesel Technicians, Trailer Mechanics, Marine Technicians, Millwrights, or others. Recruiting Mechanics is hard but even more so if you are making these common mistakes.

1. Wrong Pay Range

Sorry to start with this one but it is the most important part to get right. The majority of good mechanics and technicians are currently working and they are unlikely to make a move to your shop unless you are able to offer them more than they are currently earning. According to a recent Forbes Article people that switch jobs are receiving close to a 10% raise. This has now become an expectation so if you interview a mechanic that you like and they tell you that they are currently earning $30.00/hour, don’t offer them $31.00/hour and think you are good to go, for $1.00/hr unless they are unhappy they are likely to stay where they are, offer a 10% increase to $33.00/hour to have a better chance.

There are of course other things to consider when making an offer, read here to make sure you are considering everything.

2. Too Slow

Mechanics of all types across all of Canada and the USA are in high demand. With very few exceptions there are more jobs available than qualified technicians. Diesel Mechanics, Heavy Equipment Technicians, Automotive Service Technicians etc. all know they are in high demand and use this to their advantage. They will often apply for multiple jobs at the same time and have competing offers. If your process is too slow you will lose out on these candidates. Even if you are prepared to make the biggest offer if you are too late to the table they may no longer be available.

Have a look at your current recruiting process and try to streamline it as much as possible. For tips on this read here.

3. Poor Reputation

Your shops reputation is an important part of your recruiting process and is often overlooked. Start by looking at your online presence, for tips see our article “Are Your Online Reviews Killing Your Recruiting Efforts.” Keep an ear open for feedback positive or negative, many shops have their heads in the sand but the best ones are open to feedback and will address it.

4. Dirty, Outdated and/or Unsafe Shop/Service Vehicles

The condition of your shop (and service truck for Field Mechanics) is just as important as pay rate and shift. No one wants to work in an unsafe or ill equipped shop, read more here to make sure you are putting your best foot forward.

5. Inflexible

Today’s workforce expects a lot more flexibility from their employer than in years passed. While it is not possible to offer a Diesel Mechanic the opportunity to work from home it is possible to offer flexibility in terms of schedule. This can go a long way for a lot of technicians. Maybe they have to drop off children at school or just want to miss the rush hour traffic. Other things that can use some flexibility are things like the waiting period for benefits, providing certain tools they may need, allowing them to take the service truck home, and scheduling interviewing after hours or on the weekend.

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