Racing Lines – Karting

The racing line is the path a driver takes around the track, optimized for the fastest lap times. In go-karting, following the racing line is essential for achieving maximum speed and maintaining control of the kart. Here are some tips for finding the racing line in go-karting:

  1. Look ahead: The first step in finding the racing line is to look ahead on the track. Identify the apexes and exits of the corners, and visualize the best path through the turn.
  2. Brake early: As you approach a corner, brake early to reduce speed and set up for the turn. The goal is to carry as much speed as possible through the corner without losing control of the kart.
  3. Turn in late: Turn in to the corner as late as possible to maximize your entry speed. This will allow you to carry more speed through the corner and exit with greater speed.
  4. Hit the apex: The apex is the point at which the inside of the turn is closest to the kart. Hitting the apex is crucial for maintaining speed and setting up for the next section of the track. Aim to hit the apex of each turn as closely as possible.
  5. Use the whole track: Finally, use the whole track to your advantage. Take a wide entry to a corner to set up for a tighter exit, or hug the inside line to carry more speed through a long sweeping corner.

By following the racing line and practicing consistently, you can improve your lap times and become a more competitive go-kart racer.

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