Karting Minute is a Series of Short (Definitely longer than a Minute) Videos all about Karting.

Hosted by Racers, Teammates and Best Friends,
Aristeides Theodoropoulos & Jackson Morley.

SEason 1

Episode 1 - Types Of Go Karts

In Episode 1, Jackson and Ari discuss the different types of Go Karts including sizes and engines. They give you a quick tour of the Karts they are driving in 2022.

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Episode 2 - Directing A Race
with David Campbell

In Episode 2, Jackson and Ari are were joined by HRKC Race Director David Campbell. He shares with us what the job is of a race director and how he keeps track of everything on track. Thank you so much for taking the time with us David.


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Episode 3 - Track Walks

In Episode 3, Ari and Jackson take us on a walk around their home track, Canadian Mini Indy. They talk about what to look for on a track walk and why racers do track walks.

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Episode 4 - Qualifying

In Episode 4 Jackson and Ari talk about Qualifying, what is it, what are the strategies and why is it important.

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Episode 5 - Safety gear

In Episode 5, Ari and Jacko give an overview of all the safety gear that is required for karting and give some examples of why it is required. Watch out for that sweaty Betty Hair. 

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Episode 6 - From Karts To Cars with Mac Clark

In Episode 6 Jackson and Ari talk to USF Junior Champ Mac Clark about making the transition from Karts to Cars and discuss some racing terminology.

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Episode 7 - Yoga For Motorsports

In Episode 7 Jackson Morley and Ari talk with Kate from Yoga For Motorsports about the benefits of Yoga, why it is good for Kart Drivers and what the Karting Minute Crew can do to get ready for race day.

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Episode 8 - Shifter Karts With Davide Greco

In Episode 8 Ari and Jackson talk with Canadian Shifter Champ, Davide Greco all about Shifter Karts. Trying to learn early so the boys are ready to go when they are old enough to drive shifters.

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Episode 9 - Rev Performance Materials and Prime Powerteam with Ken O'Keefe

In Episode 9 the boys talk with Ken O’Keefe from Rev Performance Materials and the Prime Power Team about what REV has upcoming and how Ken got into Karting.  

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Episode 10 - Data Dudes with Anthony Tolfa and Andrew Jones

In Episode 10 the boys talk with Prime Team Data Coaches Anthony Tolfa and Andrew Jones. How did they get into the job, what do they look for and what are the differences between coaching 2 stroke and 4 stroke.

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Episode 11 - Drawing Track Maps with Pearce Wade

In Episode 11 the boys are joined by their Prime Teammate Pearce Wade as they try to draw track maps from memory and Pearce judges how they do. Strap in, this is a long one. 

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Episode 12 - Calling a Race with Announcer Chad Webster

In Episode 12 Jackson and Ari talk with Race Announcer Chad Webster to find out how exactly he keeps track of everything going on during a race and how did he get involved with karting. 

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Episode 13 - Mosport, ROK and the Honda Indy with Richard Boake

In episode 13 the boys catch Richard Boake for a couple of quick minutes and ask him about running Mosport Karting Center, why ROK engines, and about his race at the Honda Indy.

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The Offseason

Instead of taking a break for the offseason, Ari and I decided to make 6 bonus episodes, all about what we get up to in the offseason. We will start filming Season 2 of Karting Minute as soon as the tracks open back up in the Spring.

The OffSeason - Episode 1 - OffSeason Training

In our first Offseason Episode, Ari and I go over our Offseason Training Regiment including training for Strength, Reflexes, Racecraft, Bravery and Precision.

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The Offseason - Episode 2 - Teaching Link How to Race

In Episode 2 of the offseason, we take my little brother Link to K1 Speed for his first time ever in a Kart. We give him some tips and he picks it up very fast, he is going to be quick.

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The OffSeason - Episode 3 - Hot Minute

Ari and I tackle a batch of Hot Wings while we talk about our plans for the 2023 Racing Season.

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The Offseason - Episode 4 - Epic Mario Kart Home Circuit

Ari and I grab all our spare tires and extra Kart Parts to make an Epic Mario Kart Home Circuit in my living room.

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The OffSeason - Episode 5 - Indoor Karting with Noah Modestino

Ari and I are joined by our Prime Powerteam Teammate for some Indoor Karting at K1 Speed. We have a blast and talk about the differences between Indoor and Outdoor karting. 

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The Offseason - Episode 6 - Board Game Review

Ari and I play 2 of the top Racing Boardgames, Formula D and Heat, and give you our reviews as to which one is better.

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