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Truck Mechanics

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It Has Never Been Harder TO Hire Truck Mechanics

If you run a Truck Dealership, Transportation Company or Diesel Repair shop, chances are one of the hardest things you have to do is hire mechanics. Diesel Mechanics are in high demand throughout Canada and the United States and there are just not enough qualified technicians to go around.

If things were not hard enough, new trucks are continually advancing requiring technicians with a higher degree of training. It used to be just Diesel Mechanics that were needed but now there are fleets with trucks running on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), LNG (Liquid Natural Gas), Biomethane, Biodiesel and Electric. Today’s technicians also need training on DPF systems and must have knowledge of emissions regulations.

There is also a massive number of truck technicians nearing retirement age with not enough technicians enrolling in tech school to replace them. Recruiting Truck Mechanics now takes more than just posting a job ad.

Projected Increase in Demand for Diesel Technicians - 2014 - 2024
Number of Technicians Needed to fill Increased Demands
Number of Technicians Needed to Replace Retiring Mechanics
Drop In Apprenticeship Enrollment
Employment Rate Of Diesel Technicians
Number of Trucks on The Road
Over 11 Million Trucks on the Road in the USA

What To Look For When Hiring Truck Mechanics

How long a Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanic has worked in the trade is just as important as where they worked and what they did. What types of trucks have they worked on, what types of repairs have they completed. Make sure they are comfortable with the Trucks that you will need them working on.

Truck Technicians should have a valid driver’s license. This allows them to perform field work and travel to customer locations. Those with a valid license to drive the trucks that they work on (CDL, Class 1, AZ) are even more valuable and should be paid a premium.

In Canada look for technicians with Journeyman certification (310T Ontario.) In the USA, ASE Certifications can be incredibly valuable. 

Inspector Licence (CVIP or State Inspection License) are also very valuable to look for as well as OEM or Factory Training.

Look for technicians with an established work history. Those who have a history of switching jobs frequently are not likely going to last long. Onboarding can be a disruptive and expensive undertaking, look for technicians who will be a long term fit.

A Mechanic without Tools can not do their job. Before you hire any technician ensure that they have the required tools. 

Male mechanic holding a wrench
Female mechanic holding a wrench

Recruiting Mechanics is Hard

Rockstar Can Help

Whatever you call them (Diesel Technicians, Truck Mechanics, Truck and Transport Technicians, Diesel Mechanics etc.) the truth is there is not enough qualified technicians for all of the openings. Many colleges are trying to encourage more students to enroll but your shop can’t wait for the next graduating class, you need experienced, certified, qualified technicians now.

Rockstar Mechanics actively engages with technicians that are not currently looking for work but who could be a perfect fit for your shop. 

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