How To Hire

Shop Management

Some of the Facts

It Is Impossible To have a Good Shop Without Good Management

A Good Service Manager or Parts Manager is worth their weight in Gold. They are key to reducing employee turnover and for Dealerships Maximizing Profits and for Fleets keeping costs down.

A good Fleet Manager will extend the life of their fleet while promoting a safe and efficient shop. A good Service Manager will increase the number of customers to your Dealership and a Good Parts Manager will increase sales.

A bad manager on the other hand will turn customers away and can be a major factor in being able to retain your existing team of Mechanics, Service Writers and Parts Staff.

Shop Management is not an easy job and is not for everyone. You can not just promote your best technician and hope for the best, a good manager needs a lot more than just the technical know how.

Gross Profit for Automotive Dealerships From Parts and Sales Departments
Gross Profit for Heavy Truck Dealerships From Parts and Sales Departments
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Recruiting Shop Managers is Hard

Rockstar Can Help

The most important part of any shop is it’s staff. This includes Technicians, Service Writers and Parts People but it starts with management. Service Managers, Fleet Managers and Parts Managers set the tone for the rest of your shop. They dictate how things will be done and are instrumental in being able to hire and retain good staff.

The problem is that there is a real shortage of good managers out there. When possible every shop should be grooming their next manager. Do not eagerly promote your best technician as that can often create two problems:

  1. Losing your best tech from the floor 
  2. Promoting someone without the right skill set. A good manager needs a good combination or drive, technical ability, business sense and attitude. 

If you find yourself in need of a qualified Manager quickly Rockstar can help. We are constantly networking with the best in the business and employ direct and indirect recruitment methods to make sure we find you the manager that fits what your shop needs.

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Your Whole Management Team

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Good Managers Are Always In Demand

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