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Parts & Service Staff

Some of the Facts

Parts & Service Staff Are The Unsung Heroes of Most Shops

To run efficiently every shop needs good Parts and Service Staff. Service Writers keep your department organized and your customers happy. Parts People make sure that your techs have what they need and can also bring in a lot of revenue from Parts Sales.

Another often overlooked role is Warranty Administrators, without them there can be thousands of dollars of warranty work that your dealer is not being compensated for.

These service admin positions are often the face of your shop and can be big reason why your customers choose you over your competitors. Also a well run shop can be a great retention strategy for keeping your Technicians. Having a good team of Service Advisors, Parts Representatives and Product Support Reps can go a long way to making your Shop more profitable.

Gross Profit for Automotive Dealerships From Parts and Sales Departments
Gross Profit for Heavy Truck Dealerships From Parts and Sales Departments
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Recruiting Service Staff is Hard

Rockstar Can Help

Don’t settle for average when it comes to your Parts and Service department. The difference between a good and a bad Parts Technician or Service Administrator can be huge. Unfortunately finding the good ones can be very tricky, they are typically employed and not looking for a new opportunity so they are rarely visiting job boards and replying to job ads. 

To recruit the best you need to be connected with them. Rockstar Mechanics can help here as we leverage our large network of industry professionals, constantly gather referrals and are experts when it comes to direct and indirect recruiting methods that are required to find Rockstars!

Rockstar Mechanics Can Help You Hire For Your Whole

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Parts & Service Staff Are Always In Demand

Rockstar Mechanics Can Help You Find Them