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HVAC Technicians

Some of the Facts

It Has Never Been Harder TO HVAC Professionals

Staffing for HVAC Technicians, Installers, Gas Fitters as well as support roles including Dispatchers and Project Coordinators has only gotten more difficult over the past several years. Both Residential and Commercial HVAC companies are struggling to find the trades people they need to grow their business.

This is the result of a number of different factors but quite simply it is a supply and demand issue. We have seen a drop in number of apprentices enrolling to get into the trade and at the same time have had large numbers of Techs and Installers retiring or choosing to get out of the trade. The supply of qualified people available has decreased.

New builds have continued and older buildings are being retrofit to be more efficient with newer units meaning that the demand for HVAC/R has increased.

Trained/certified HVAC Technicians and Installers throughout both Canada and the USA are in high demand, there are more jobs available than qualified candidates, to hire the best requires more than positing a Job Ad. This is where Rockstar HVAC can help.

Projected Increase in Demand for HVAC Technicians - 2018 - 2028
Number New of Techs Needed Over Next 10 Years
Number of Technicians Expected to Retire In Next 10 Years
Drop In Apprenticeship Enrollment
Median Pay Rate Increase for HVAC Techs 2016 - 2020
U.S. HVAC Services Market Growth Expectation - 2019 - 2030
$10.2 Billion

*Data from Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Coyne College, ResearchandMarkets 


What To Look For When Hiring HVAC Technicians & Installers

How long someone has worked in the trade is just as important as where they worked and what they did. What types of units have they worked on, what types of repairs/installs have they completed. Make sure they are comfortable with what your company deals with before hiring them on.

Before hiring a technician or installer make sure they have a valid driver’s license and clean driving record. A driver’s abstract or report is usually easy to obtain. Rockstar Recruiting can also provide this as part of the screening process.

Certification required for HVAC Technicians and Installers varies by State and Province. Sometimes these are transferable but other times they are not. When hiring, ensure they have the proper certifications that you require for your location. If they do not, do some research to see if what they have would be transferable or what the process would be to get them certified for your area.

Some certification to look for includes:

Canada: Journeyman 313A (refrigeration and air conditioning systems mechanic license), 313D (residential air conditioning systems mechanic license), Gas Fitters (G1, G2, G3),  Ozone Depletion Prevention (ODP), Oil Burner Technician (OBT 1, OBT 2, OBT 3.)

USA:EPA 608/609/Universal, NATE Certification, HVAC Certification, Commercial Food Equipment Service Association (CFESA), Journey Level 06A Electrical License, 06B Restricted Electrical License, Nonresidential maintenance O7 License.

Safety Certification can also be very valuable, things to look for include:

Canada: Working from Heights, Elevated Platform Training, WHMIS

USA: OSHA-10 or higher

Look for technicians with an established work history. Those who have a history of switching jobs frequently are not likely going to last long. Onboarding can be a disruptive and expensive undertaking, look for technicians who will be a long term fit.

A Technician without Tools can not do their job. Before you hire any technician ensure that they have the required tools. 

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Recruiting HVAC Professionals is Hard

Rockstar Can Help

Whatever you need (Commercial Technicians, Residential Installers, Gas Fitters, Warranty Admin, Project Coordinators, Dispatchers, Managers etc.) we can help you find them. There are currently more openings than there are technicians and this is not likely to change any time soon. Many colleges are trying to encourage more students to enroll but your shop can’t wait for the next graduating class, you need experienced, certified, qualified technicians now.

Rockstar HVAC actively engages with technicians that are not currently looking for work but who could be a perfect fit for your shop. 

Rockstar HVAC Can Help You Hire

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Dispatchers, Project Coordinators, Warranty Administrators


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HVAC Technicians Are Always In Demand

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