Facilities Maintenance Technicians

The Rockstar Way

Facilities Maintenance Staff Are Quickly Becoming The Most In-demand Positions Throughout North America.

Facility Maintenance, Fleet Management, and Backup Power is critical for the success of business throughout North America. Ensuring that warehouse logistics can run smoothly requires skilled and experienced professionals including:

  • Dock and Door Technicians
  • Back-Up Power/Battery Technicians
  • DC Power Technicians
  • Forklift and Material Handling Mechanics
  • Maintenance Technicians

Experienced technicians are in high demand and in short supply. Rockstar Recruiting goes way beyond the job board to find you the best candidates for all your Critical Facilities Positions.

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Recruiting is Hard

Rockstar Can Help

The demand for Dock and Door, Material Handling, Back-Up Power, and Maintenance Technicians has been on a sharp rise and finding good ones is getting harder and harder. If you are struggling to find the right candidates to hire Rockstar Recruiting can help. We work with many of the nations leading Critical Facilities Maintenance companies to help them find and hire their technicians.

Rockstar can help companies of all sizes in any location throughout the USA and Canada. We have candidates everywhere and can help with any volume. Whether you have one hard-to-fill opening or need to hire whole teams, Rockstar will get the job done.

Working with Rockstar you will have:

  • Access To Hard To Find Candidates
  • Quick Service
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Criminal Background and Driving Record Checks¬†
  • Proactive Recruitment

Rockstar Recruiting Can Help You Hire The Professionals You Need

We Have Had Success with

Dock & Door Technicians

Back Up Power Technicians

Forklift Mechanics

Maintenance Technicians

Facility Maintenance Technicians Are Always In Demand

Rockstar Recruiting Can Help You Find Them

Let Us Know What you Need and We Will Come with A Tailored Solution For Your Shop