How To Hire

Electric Vehicle Technicians

Some of the Facts

Electric Vehicle Technicians are The Future

Electric Vehicles have become more and more popular each year. Battery life has greatly improved and Lithium Batteries have gone down in price making EV more affordable.

Electric Vehicles are taking hold in more than just the passenger vehicle market, they are also having a large impact on Commercial Vehicles. While Diesel has been the king of the Truck and Bus Market more and more companies are considering Electric. Several municipalities have ordered Electric Waste Trucks and Transit Busses.

The problem is that very few Technicians have been trained on Electric Vehicles. Approximately 3% of active technicians are qualified to be Electric Vehicle Technicians.

If your shop works on Electric Vehicles or plans on doing so in the future it is imperative that you train your techs now! Electric Vehicle Technicians are going to be in great demand in the very near future.

Current Number of Electric Vehicles in the USA (2018)
1 Million
Projected Number Of Electric Vehicles in the USA by 2030
18.7 Million
Current Number Of Electric Vehicles Globally (2018)
5 Million
Projected Number of Electric Vehicles Globally by 2030
Between 60 - 400 Million
% Of Technicians Qualified to work on Electric Vehicles
Number of EV Manufacturers
Over 40 and Growing
Male mechanic holding a wrench
Female mechanic holding a wrench

Recruiting Electric Vehicle Technicians is Hard

Rockstar Can Help

There are already not enough qualified Electric Vehicle Technicians and the demand is only going to increase. The Technicians that are trained are all currently employed and not actively looking for a new opportunity. If your shop needs technicians you have 2 options, 1) Train Your Existing Staff 2) Hire Technicians that are already trained. 

We always recommend training your existing staff but that can take a lot of time and most shops need techs today. If you need help finding experienced Electric Vehicle Technicians, Rockstar Mechanics can help you find and hire the very best technicians out there.

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EV Technicians Are Always In Demand

Rockstar Mechanics Can Help You Find Them