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Some of the Facts

Well Trained Automotive Service Technicians Are Hard To Find!

Mechanics are the backbone of any Car Dealership, Automotive Repair Shop or Car Rental Facility. A dealership’s Service Department can be a great source of revenue and also ensure repeat customers but only if they have good technicians. Untrained Automotive Service Technicians can lead to sloppy work resulting in more comebacks or lengthy repairs leaving your customers waiting. This is also true of repair shops who often have to turn away customers, who may never return, because they do not have enough mechanics on staff.

To grow your automotive business it is imperative that you have enough technicians and the techs you have are well trained. Unfortunately the turnover rate for Auto Mechanics is very high and the number that are completing Trade School or related Training like ASE are few and far between.

It is becoming harder and harder to find qualified technicians and at the same time vehicles are getting more and more complex requiring a higher level of training.

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What To Look For When Hiring Mechanics

The length of time that someone has worked in the trade can be important. While trade school is a great way to get started most of the learning is on the job. Equally important to length of time is what type of repairs do they have experience on. If it is 10 years of experience but it is all oil changes it can be pretty limiting. Make sure the technician you are considering has experience with what you need. Typically you want a technician with a well rounded skill set who is comfortable working on electrical, transmissions, engines, alignments, brakes and is strong at diagnostics.

You will often need your Automotive Service Technician to take test drives of vehicles, this can be an important part of the diagnostic process. A technician without a valid driver’s license can be limited in what they can do for you and you may find yourself spending a lot of time trying to work around them or accomodate them.

Not all technicians will have certification and it is not necessarily a requirement but it almost is. Technicians that have a real passion for their trade typically want to pursue as much training as possible and will end up with a variety of certifications including ASE, Trade School, Inspection License, Smog License, Red Seal Automotive Service Technician (Canada), 310S (Ontario) or Journeyman Certification.


Factory or Dealer training can also be valuable as it is needed to complete warranty work. Any training that was completed through any major automotive brand (GM, Ford, Chevrolet, Mazda, Toyota, Chrysler, Dodge, Honda etc.) can be very valuable.

The only caution on certification is that for each certificate or training course that a technician has completed, that commands a higher starting pay. If you are looking to hire an entry level technician you may need to avoid someone with too much training as they will be quite expensive.

Automotive Mechanics with a jumpy work history should be avoided. Sometimes there are valid reasons why they have moved around but typically if they have had short tenures at past employers it is a red flag and will likely end up with a short stay at your shop.

During the interview process make sure you ask if they have tools. Also ask the approximate value of their tools and make sure they have a complete set. A mechanic without tools is of no value.

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Recruiting Technicians is Hard

Rockstar Can Help

Whatever you call them (Automotive Service Technicians, Auto Mechanics, Techs etc.) the truth is there is not enough qualified technicians for all of the openings. Many colleges are trying to encourage more students to enroll but your shop can’t wait for the next graduating class, you need experienced, certified, qualified technicians now.

Rockstar Mechanics actively engages with technicians that are not currently looking for work but who could be a perfect fit for your shop. 

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