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Millwrights Are Essential

Due to rising international labor costs, shipping prices and supply chain issues, many manufacturers have been bringing production back to Canada and the USA. This is creating new opportunities for Millwrights with an expected 19% increase in new Millwright jobs to be created in the next 10 years. In addition to this, over half of current Millwrights are due to retire in that same time period.

Millwrights are essential for production to continue and are set to be one of the most in demand jobs in the near future. This will lead to job security, increased pay rates and quick advancement opportunities.

“Millwrights are set to be one of the most in demand jobs in the near future"

Manufacturing % Of The Workforce In The USA
Manufacturing % Of The Workforce In Canada
Unemployment Rate For Millwrights As Of 2018
% Of Millwrights Expected To Reach Retirement In The Next 10 Years
Millwright Job Outlook - 2020 - 2030
New Millwright Openings Expected Over The Next 10 Years (USA + Canada)
132,200 New Millwright Jobs To Be Created

* Statistics from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Government of Canada JobBank

Millwrights Enjoy Variety of Work

What A Millwright Works On

Industrial Mechanic

Repairs and Maintenance of Industrial Machinery

Packaging Millwright

Conveyors, Packaging Equipment

Food Processing

Specialty Equipment

Mining & Mills

Underground and Surface Mining, Lumber Mill, Paper Mill

Attitude Is As Important as Training

The trade is difficult, it takes time to learn, no one is going to be an expert over night. Be patient and come in every day with an attitude to learn.

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