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Truck Technician

Some of the Facts

Truck Technicians Are Essential

Truck Technicians can go by many names. They are often referred to as Diesel Mechanics, Heavy Equipment Technicians, Heavy Duty Mechanics or Diesel Technicians but a Truck Technician can be responsible for more than just Diesel, especially as alternative fuels such as Compressed Natural Gas, Bio Diesel and Electric are making up a bigger portion of fleets.

Truck Mechanics are responsible for keeping our economy moving. They keep our Transportation Trucks in good working order to ensure the delivery of goods. They are also tasked with repairs and maintenance for School Busses, Transit Busses and Coach Busses to ensure that our kids can get to schools, workers can get to their jobs and travelers can reach their destination.

We rely heavily on Trucks and Busses and need experienced technicians to keep us moving.

“Truck Technicians Keep The Economy Moving”

North American Truck Technicians
Over 300,000 Employed as Truck Technicians
Truck Tech Median Pay USA
Truck Tech Median Pay Canada
Truck Tech Median Pay vs. The Median Pay For All Other Workers
21% Higher
Employment Rate After Graduating Tech School
Future Demand
15,000 Jobs To Be Added
Job Satisfaction

It Is More Than Just Diesel Trucks

What A Truck Tech Works On

Diesel Trucks

Class 3 - 8 Trucks

Bus and Coach

Passenger and Transit Buses

Alternative Fuels

CNG, LNG, Biodiesel, Biomethane


Engines, Compressors and Generators

How To Become A

Truck Technician

Male mechanic holding a wrench
Female mechanic holding a wrench

Start a Rewarding Career as A

Truck Technicians

If you take on a career as a Truck Technician or Diesel Mechanic a lot of the learning will be done on the job. This can be done through a formal apprenticeship as well as learning as you go. Most Mechanics are eager to share their knowledge and will help you out as you go. That being said taking a formal education at a recognized college or training center will give you a big leg up.

Recent graduates can expect a higher starting wage, and will be trusted with more indepth repairs and maintenance. Also when it comes to promotions those who have a formal education as well as certification will be given preference so it is always our recommendation to start your career at school. Don’t worry tech school is a very hands on learning environment.

Keys To Success

What You Need

Commercial Drivers License
To be an effective mechanic you need to be able to drive what you are working on. Get a CDL (Class 1, AZ, Truck Drivers License)
Journeyman Certification
Canadian Truck Technicians, finish your apprenticeship and complete your Journeyman Certification. This can go by different names in different provinces including 310T, Truck and Coach Technician, Truck and Transport Mechanic, Red Seal, Commercial Vehicle Mechanic)
OEM Training
Complete Factory or Dealer Training whenever possible. Training from Peterbilt, International, Volvo, Mack, Freightliner, Kenworth, Paccar, Detroit Diesel, Cummins and others will increase your value as a technician.
Inspectors License
CVIP, DOT or State Inspectors License
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Collect As Many Certifications and Licenses As Possible

A Certification or License is only a piece of paper but it signifies so much more. It indicates to employers that you take the trade seriously and that you know what you are doing.

Every single training program that you take will make you more valuable. The more valuable you are the higher your base wage will be and the more opportunities that will be available for promotion.

Attitude Is As Important as Training

The trade is difficult, it takes time to learn, no one is going to be an expert over night. Be patient and come in every day with an attitude to learn.

Rockstar - Wrenchin' Ain't Easy

Career Path Options

Many technicians after completing their apprenticeship enjoy a career as a mobile technician. This involves operating a service truck and responding to breakdowns. Many enjoy getting out of the shop and being able to assist drivers when they need it the most. A good field technician needs to be strong at diagnostics and able to come up with creative solutions. You do not have a whole shop available to you, you have to make the repair with what you have on hand.

Many experienced technicians like to use their experience and expertise to train the next generation of Diesel Technicians and Truck Mechanics. Colleges are always looking for new instructors and many companies also employ in house trainers.

While management is not for everyone many techs are able to climb the ladder into supervisory and management roles. These are challenging positions but can be very rewarding.

Wrenching is a very physically demanding job, many technicians chose to move into a parts or service admin role later in their career. This is a great way to use the knowledge they have gained while taking on a less physically demanding role.

The lessons learned as a tech can translate into a trustworthy and reliable sales rep. While not all technicians will enjoy sales there are some that love talking about the ins and outs of trucks and they typically can go on to a career in sales.

Truck Technicians Are Always In Demand

Rockstar Mechanics Can Help You Land Your Dream Job