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Electric Vehicle Technician

Some of the Facts

EV Techs Are The Future

Electric Vehicles are taking over. What was once a novelty is expected to make up over 20% of the vehicles on the road in the very near future. Electric Vehicles are also no longer restricted to small cars. We are now seeing more and more electric pick up trucks, SUVs, Commercial Trucks, Transit Busses, Municipal Equipment and Heavy Equipment.

A large part of this drive is due to advancements with Batteries. They are now longer lasting, can power larger vehicles and the price has dropped dramatically. 

While Electric Vehicles do not require as much maintenance as Gas Vehicles they do required specially trained technicians. Estimates state that as many as 97% of current mechanics are not qualified to work on Electric Vehicles. There is not currently a huge demand for EV Techs but that will change in the very near future. Get trained now so you are ready for it.

“97% of Current Mechanics are NOT qualified to work on Electric Vehicles”

% of Current Automotive Technicians Qualified To Work on Electric Vehicles
Electric Vehicles On The Road in The USA - 2018
1 Million
Electric Vehicles On The Road In the USA - 2030 (Projected)
18.7 MIllion
Fastest Growing Sector
Commercial Vehicles (Truck & Bus)
Lithium Battery Cost Drop - 2010 - 2019
Employment Rate
Job Satisfaction

A Career With Variety

EV Techs Work On

Electric Cars

Hybrid Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles

Heavy Equipment

How To Become An

Electric Vehicle Mechanic

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Start a Rewarding Career as An

EV Technician

As Electric Vehicles are fairly new, the EV Mechanic trade is not well developed. There are very few schools that currently offer a program geared toward Electric Vehicle Technicians. Those that do offer programs are listed below. If there are no schools in your area that offer an EV Tech program then your best bet is to go to Trade School for either Auto Mechanics, Diesel Technician or Heavy Equipment Mechanics and upon graduation seek employment with a company that works on Electrics. Many dealerships will offer training particularly if you express interest. For Automotive Tesla, Toyota and Nissan are good choices. If you prefer commercial vehicles Freightliner and MACK are currently doing a lot of work with EVs and for Heavy Equipment Volvo seems to be leading the way.

Trade Schools That Currently Offer An Electric Vehicle Technician Program

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EV Technicians Are the Future

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