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Automotive Service Technicians Are Essential

Auto Mechanics is a well established trade that has been an important part of our society for over 100 years. One of the most exciting things about this trade is how quickly it has evolved and how often advancements are made. In the past, just about anyone could pop open the hood of their car and make their own repairs but the electrical systems, electronics, and advanced engines in today’s vehicles make that almost impossible.

To be successful as Automotive Service Technicians today requires extensive training and years of experience. When you combine this with the fact that we have more cars on the road than ever and more technicians reaching retirement age, it means this is a trade that will continue to have huge demand.

Qualified Auto Techs are always in demand, have incredible job security, as well as excellent career growth opportunities.

“Automotive Service Technicians today require extensive training and years of experience”

North American Automotive Service Technicians
Over 770,000 Employed as Auto Mechanics
Auto Tech Tech Median Pay USA
Auto Tech Median Pay Canada
Auto Tech Median Pay vs. The Median Pay For All Other Workers
8% Higher
Percentage of Technicians Who Complete Trade School
Employment Rate
Job Satisfaction

A Career With Variety

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How To Become An

Auto Mechanic

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Start a Rewarding Career as An

Auto Mechanic

The best way to become an Automotive Service Technician is through a formal apprenticeship. Working under a Journeyman who can show you the ropes will ensure that you develop the skills and experience required to be successful.

It can be hard to sign on as an Apprentice and most shops are reluctant to take on someone with no experience. To get around this, attend a reputable Trade School in your area. Most schools offer a hands on program that will teach you the basics and the principles/theory behind mechanics. This way, when you start with a company you already have that base knowledge.

Also, many employers recruit directly from trade schools and your instructors can help you land your first job.

Drivers' License
Test driving vehicles can be an important step in troubleshooting. You need a valid license and a clean driving record.
Journeyman Certification
Canadian Automotive Service Technicians require a Journeyman License. This can go by many names including Red Seal Certificate, Certificate of Qualification or 310S.
OEM Training
Factory training from major manufacturers can be incredibly valuable. Seek out dealer training whenever you can, particularly from Honda, Ford, GM, Toyota, Mazda, Chevrolet and Nissan.
Emissions/Smog Inspector
Certification to run Emissions Test or Smog Test is becoming more and more valuable.
Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certifications are incredibly valuable and technicians with them typically earn more.
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Collect As Many Certifications and Licenses As Possible

A Certification or License is only a piece of paper but it signifies so much more. It indicates to employers that you take the trade seriously and that you know what you are doing.

Every single training program that you take will make you more valuable. The more valuable you are the higher your base wage will be and the more opportunities that will be available for promotion.

Attitude Is As Important as Training

The trade is difficult, it takes time to learn, no one is going to be an expert over night. Be patient and come in every day with an attitude to learn.

Rockstar - Wrenchin' Ain't Easy

Career Path Options

For a lot of Technicians, getting out of the shop and working in the field can be a great change. This involves operating out of a service truck and performing repairs and maintenance at a customer site. Mobile Mechanics typically are more experienced as they need to be able to diagnose and repair independently.

Becoming an Instructor at a trade school can be a great way to give back to the trade and help new technicians develop. It can also be a great way for experienced technicians who need to get off the tools to continue their career.

Alternatively, most major manufacturers hire technicians to conduct OEM Training at dealer locations.

While management is not for everyone, many techs are able to climb the ladder into supervisory and management roles. These are challenging positions but can be very rewarding.

Wrenching is a very physically demanding job, many technicians chose to move into a parts or service admin role later in their career. This is a great way to use the knowledge they have gained while taking on a less physically demanding role.

The lessons learned as a tech can translate into a trustworthy and reliable sales rep. While not all technicians will enjoy sales there are some that love talking about the ins and outs of trucks and they typically can go on to a career in sales.

Automotive Service Technicians Are Always In Demand

Rockstar Mechanics Can Help You Land Your Dream Job