The Best Investment Any Company Can Make!


Most companies will happily say that their people are their biggest asset or that their staff is their competitive advantage. This seems to be pretty universal, without the right people in place your business can not survive but when it comes to recruiting many companies look at it as an expense.

Recruiting is not an expense, it is an investment!

Investing in recruiting is investing in your greatest asset, your people. I understand that recruiting costs can be expensive but when done properly there is a huge Return on Investment.

Much like anything you typically pay for what you get. If you try to cheap out on your recruiting and just hire the first person that applies or go with a bargain staffing firm you will not likely enjoy the results. You need to treat your staffing the same way you would any other investment. When a Mechanic Shop buys a new hoist the first question should not be price, you need one that will be reliable and should be willing to pay extra to make sure that is the case.

At Rockstar Recruiting we specialize in skilled Trades Recruiting including Mechanics, HVAC, Millwrights, and Plumbers. With tradespeople, it is easy to see how investing in recruiting is the best way to grow your business. Let’s look at a Diesel Truck Dealership for example.
In most truck repair facilities a mechanic is paid 1/3rd of their shop labor rate. If you are short on mechanics that means you are either turning business away or forcing your techs to work overtime which adds cost and can lead to burnout.

The more technicians that you hire the greater your revenue and your revenue will outpace the cost of staff. I know this is an overly simplistic model as there are more costs involved than just compensation but it does show you that investing in staff is the best way to increase growth and even when there are fees involved with hiring staff, the revenue that your new employees bring in will more than cover any recruiting fees.

The flip side of this argument can be also be made, for companies that are hiring staff to keep costs down as opposed to hiring to increase revenue. Sticking with trucking, if a Truck Fleet is able to hire more technicians it means they are able do more work in house. Now you are able to save the 2/3rds that the dealership or retail repair shops mark up and complete all the work in house.

At Rockstar, our Mechanic clients have told us that our recruiting fees are almost paid off within 6 weeks of having a technician billing full-time hours. This model is for mechanics but the same is true for most trades and can be relevant to other industries as well.

Regardless of what type of role you are hiring for, if you want to grow your business the best way to do it is by hiring the right staff. If you have a hard to fill role that has been open for a long time it is time to hire a recruiter to help you quickly fill the role. If you could have done it by yourself, you would have done it already.

If you are hiring Skilled Trades, consider Rockstar Recruiting. Give us a call at 1-833-937-3546.

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