14 Skype Interview Tips to Land the Job


Congratulations! Your resume caught the eye of a recruiter or hiring manager and you passed the initial phone pre-screen. They are now ready to set up a Skype interview (or use other similar live video platform applications) with you. In addition to practicing and preparing for common interview questions managers ask HVAC/R Technicians, have a list of questions on hand to ask them, and research the company to make sure this job is the right fit for you

Preparing for a video interview takes as much preparation, if not more, as an in-person interview because of the added element of technology.  Take a look at the 14 Skype interview tips below to make sure you nail the interview and get closer to a job offer:  

Preparing for a Skype Interview

1. Test your computer and any technology you are using a day in advance to make sure its functioning properly; make sure all devices are fully charged the day of the interview

2. Shut down any unnecessary tabs or software apps on your computer and try to be as close to a modem to avoid delays in video delivery

3. Prior to the interview, position the camera to frame you from the chest up with your face centered and at eye-level

4. Choose a room that is quiet and well lit to be easily seen and heard

5. Make sure the background is simple and free from any distractions or clutter. Where possible, use a room with a closed door to reduce any background noise and prevent any pets from coming in and out of the room

6. Put your phone on silent before the interview starts

7. Log in and get set up on Skype at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled interview time

8. Make sure your Skype account is professional, this includes both your username and profile picture

9. Manually set your Skype presence status to ‘away,’ do not disturb,’ or ‘invisible’ to avoid being disturbed by any other calls during your interview

10. Dress to impress as if you are meeting in person (i.e. collared/polo shirt, slacks/khaki’s/dress pants). As you are on camera, it is best to wear solid and more neutral colors

11.Maintain good eye contact – when speaking, look directly into the camera instead of the interviewer so that on their end, you’re making direct eye contact and not looking down

12. Answer the call stating your full name so the interviewer knows they reached the correct person

13. Have your resume on hand, along with a pen and paper to make notes

14. Be friendly, smile, lean forward, and nod as you’re listening to show you are interested and engaged

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