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The duration it takes to bring new talent on board has witnessed a notable increase in the past five years. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), “Time-to-hire has been on the rise, now approximately 40 percent longer than it was prior to the pandemic.” This upward trend underscores the strategic advantage that nimble companies can gain.

Presently, the time it takes to fill job openings spans from 24 to 66 days. Organizations equipped with a streamlined recruitment process can significantly truncate this timeframe, greatly enhancing their likelihood of securing the best candidates.

In the realm of recruiting skilled trades professionals, demand is so fierce that technicians contemplating a change often find themselves weighing multiple offers. More often than not, these professionals accept the first offer that comes their way, eager to conclude the job-hunting experience swiftly, as it’s not a task they particularly relish.

When you identify a candidate you believe is an excellent fit for your team, it’s crucial to expedite the hiring process. Employers can employ several tactics to facilitate a swifter process, including:

  1. Streamlined Interviews: Minimize multi-stage interviews by coordinating meetings with various stakeholders to occur on the same day, within the same interview.
  2. Background Checks: Make conditional offers upfront, contingent on successful background checks, instead of having candidates complete checks prior to extending an offer.
  3. Prompt Scheduling: Book interviews as soon as possible, offering flexible interview schedules, including after-hours options, to accommodate candidates and expedite the interview process.
  4. Simplified Application: Simplify your application process, making it as user-friendly as possible for candidates.
  5. Immediate Offers: When you encounter a candidate who aligns well with your requirements, extend an offer promptly. Waiting to compare candidates may lead to missed opportunities.

The crucial point is that, when you identify promising candidates, acting swiftly is imperative to secure their commitment. Delaying the hiring process could result in losing out on top talent.

If you find yourself facing challenges in finding the right candidates, consider enlisting the services of Rockstar Recruiting. Reach out to us at info@rockstarrecruitinggroup.com or give us a call at 1-833-934-3546. We’d be delighted to arrange a brief consultation to develop a strategy that will enable you to swiftly fill your job openings.

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