The Real Reason Companies Use Recruiters


What is the real reason that companies use Recruiting Firms to fill their open positions? The obvious answer is to hire staff but that is the equivalent of saying that the reason you buy a chocolate bar is because you are hungry. Sure a chocolate bar might fill that hunger but there are hundreds of other things you could have but there was a reason you chose candy (in my case it is because I have no will power.)

Is it because a Recruiter gives you access to candidates you would not be able to find on you your own? This is a great reason and is very true. Recruiters will typically be able to do deep searches, get in contact with candidates that are not actively looking and can tap into a network of Rockstar candidates. That is a huge benefit for companies but it is more of a perk than the main reason.

Maybe it is to speed up the search. Utilizing a recruiting firm is like adding horsepower behind the search and will get you what you need faster. Again this is accurate, recruiters will typically get the job done faster but again this is a bonus and not the real reason.

The real reason is time. Recruiting takes time especially when done properly. It includes hours of searching for candidates, tracking down referrals, posting job ads, scouring databases, reaching out to your network, screening potential candidates, conducting background checks, posting ads etc. It is all time that companies do not have.

When a company turns to a recruiter it means they are already short staffed. When you are short staffed it means all hands on deck and everyone already has less time than usual and certainly no extra time to spend recruiting.

Any time that a company devotes to recruiting is taking away from their core business.

If your business is a Diesel Mechanic shop and you now have your Service Manager spending time recruiting as opposed to running the department your service department will suffer from it. This is the same for any type of company, when your Maintenance Manager is responsible for hiring Millwrights that is time they do not have that is taken away from the production floor. When you as a business owner are trying to find an HVAC Techs to hire that is taking away time that could be spent doing business development.

The common response is, that is what I have an HR department for but in most cases your HR department is so overwhelmed already between health and safety, keeping your business in compliance and especially now dealing with Covid protocols that having them take time away to do indepth recruiting. Most HR departments can at best post job ads and screen those who apply. This is only scraping the surface of recruiting and rarely produces the candidates that you need to grow your business.

Most companies understand that they get the biggest return on their time investment by sticking to what they are good at. That is why they hire a web developer to build their website and a caterer to do their staff parties and they hire a recruiter for their staffing.

A good recruiter frees up your time so that you can spend it on what you do best and what brings you the greatest ROI.

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