How To Become A Rockstar Mechanic


What Makes a Rockstar Mechanic

A Rockstar Mechanic is one that has superior skills and is desired by every shop out there. They are a combination of: 

Experience + Training + Tools + Attitude = Rockstar

Each of these 4 is equally important and it is impossible to be that Rockstar Technician that every shop wants without having all 4. We will break down each below.


This is the hardest to achieve because there is no shortcut to experience. You need to put your time in. The thing about experience is that not all experience is equal. There is a huge difference between someone who has 10 years of experience and someone who has 1 year of experience 10 times. I know this sounds a little silly but think about it, if you are doing the same thing every year then you are not building on your experience.

You need to pay attention to what you are doing, build on what you have already learned and push yourself to do more.

This means asking your Manager to let you take on different repairs, step outside of your comfort zone and take on a new challenge. Sometimes this means taking on a new job elsewhere to get that experience you need but be careful not to be a job hopper. You need to put in real time with a shop to build the trust of your manager to really start getting into the big jobs that you can learn from. If you are looking for a new role give us a call at 1-833-937-3546, send us an e-mail at or check out our job board at


While experience is great there is a limit that it will take you to. You still need training. It doesn’t matter how smart or good you are you will need some help along the way to get to the next level. Sign up for every training course that gets offered to you. When you take on a job with a new shop ask what kind of training they regularly provide, chose to join a shop that sends their techs for regular training.

Often a dealership is your best bet to receive training but you can also achieve this through independent shops.

Having training and certification is great to expand on your experience but it will also allow you to:

  • Complete Warranty Work
  • Perform State/Provincial Inspections and/or Safety Tests


This can be an expensive one but it is the cost of being a mechanic. You need the right tools to do the job (for a good Auto Mechanic tool list of what you need to get started click here.) Do not cheap out on your tools either, don’t try to get by with the basics. While you do not need every specialty tool out there and you certainly do not need to spend big on a box you do want to invest in good wrenches and the specialty tools that you need. It is wise to decide what type of mechanic you want to be and start building your tool set for that trade. If all you want to work on are Diesel Trucks then you do not need to buy Auto Tech tools or Forklift Tech tools.

Don’t go into too much debt with your tool salesman either. Craigslist can be a great way to pick up used tools from techs that are retiring or getting off the floor. Good Used Tools are generally better than new cheap tools. That being said, starting out a lot of techs buy cheaper tools and replace them as they go with better tools and there is no shame in doing that.


In many ways, this is the most important. You can be coming with 15 years of experience a binder full or certifications and $100k worth of tools but if you are a Jerk and don’t get along with the other techs in the shop you will not be hanging around for long. I talk to techs all the time that have this ‘better than thou’ attitude, they are unwilling to train others and think they are better than a lot of the repairs that need to be done. These techs do not hang around long.

The vast majority of shops would rather have a B tech with a good attitude than an A tech with a bad one. The problem with technicians with a bad attitude is they cause other techs to leave and it is very rare that one great technician is worth replacing 2 good mechanics.

No one starts as a Rockstar Mechanic, it is something you grow toward. Becoming a Rockstar is something that everyone is capable of doing, work hard, do the little things right and be a positive attitude in the shop!

Good luck out there and happy wrenching!

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