A Recruiter is Like….


Recruiters get called a lot of different things like head hunter, staffing agent, talent acquisition rep and staffing specialist. At Rockstar Recruiting we like to think of ourselves like …

A good recruiter is like your best friend who is not afraid to tell you the truth and who will always have your back. You don’t need a yes man who is going to tell you want you want to hear, your need a Rockstar Recruiter who is going to give it to your straight so that you can grow in your career.
A good recruiter is like a high performance vehicle, we work fast and produce results. A good recruiter won’t lay down on the job or wait for the action to come to them. We take your career seriously and will go out and actively find you the perfect job. Often lining you up with roles that are not currently advertised.
A good recruiter is like an insurance broker. We will shop around for you to find the job that ticks all the boxes for you. Your career is too important, don’t settle for a job that is just ok, let a Rockstar Recruiter find you the perfect fit.
A good recruiter is like a real estate agent, we will negotiate on your behalf to make sure you get the best possible deal. Don’t leave anything on the table and make sure you know what you are getting into. We will help you navigate the process ensuring you are well informed along the way.
A good recruiter is like a sports agent. We will find the best opportunity that fits your needs. Money is part of that but we look further to ensure the location, shifts, company culture, career growth and benefits all match what you need.
A good recruiter is like a tour guide. We can show you all the best places, even the unadvertised ones, and give you inside info that few others know about. We work in your space and can fill you in about trends that are happening in the industry. This includes salary surveys, best practices and what to expect.
A good recruiter is like a work horse, we don’t stop until the search is complete. We work hard because we know that filling the role is important to you and we won’t rest until the job is done.

A good recruiter should be there for you to either help you land your dream job or to help you find the Rockstar candidate that you need for your company. You should be able to be open and honest with your recruiter and can trust them to get the job done. This is a list of what should be and I know it is not always the case. If you feel that your recruiter is not living up to these expectations then give us a call at 1-833-937-3546 or e-mail at info@rockstarrecruiting.ca we would be happy to take on your search. We specialize in opportunities for Mechanics, HVAC Technicians and Millwrights.

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