We Have An HR Department, Why Do We Need A Recruiter?


We Have An HR Department, Why Do We Need A Recruiter? I get this question a lot and quite frankly, maybe you don’t. Have a read of our “Signs You Need A Recruiter” article to determine if you actually need some outside help. If you determine you do need some assistance there is a lot of ways a recruiter can help.

  • Alleviate your overworked HR Staff

HR is often responsible for multiple open job reqs, Health and Safety, Policies and Procedures and keeping you in compliance. They have too many tasks and not enough time, especially for hard to fill roles. A Recruiter can free up some of that time so they can focus on what really matters for your company.

  • Go Beyond the Job Board

Your HR Staff or Internal recruiter rarely has the resources or expertise to go beyond the job board. Sometimes posting a job ad can work but if it is not getting the job done then a recruiter can push the search further through Headhunting and various other Direct and Indirect Recruiting methods

  • Confidential Search

If you are replacing someone or just do not want your competition to know you are looking a recruiter can be very valuable. They can do an unadvertised search so that you can back fill a role and make that replacement when you are ready to do so.

  • Niche Recruiting

Niche recruiters are specialized in their field and can bring more to the table than just candidates. Ask them for salary surveys or trends. Most of us are happy to share whatever industry info we have. For more info on Why Niche Matters

  • Proactive Recruitment

Have a role that your company always needs to hire for? A good recruiter can keep you in mind for when top talent comes available. The Rockstars rarely stay available for long and we can let you know the second they hit the market. This is especially true for roles like Mechanics, HVAC Techs and Millwrights that are always in demand

  • Extra Tool

Think of a 3rd party recruiter as an extra tool that you only pay for when it nets results. We are not here to replace your inhouse solutions but instead compliment them as an extra tool. Used properly we can be very effective.

So yes, even with an inhouse recruiting team or HR Department you may need a recruiter from time to time. We work incredibly well with HR departments and partner with them as oppose to try and replace them.

If it is Mechanics, HVAC Techs or Millwrights that you need, Rockstar Recruiting is your best bet. Give us a call at 1-833-937-3546, we will take your search way beyond the job board to find you the right technicians.

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