Best Interview Tips For Millwrights


Don’t leave anything up to chance, you have that Dream Millwright Job in your sights, prepare for the interview to give yourself the best chance. Read through the below guide for some quick and easy tricks to help you nail the interview.

To Ace an interview you need to be Prepared, Confident and also follow the unwritten (not any more) interview rules.

1. Prepare For The Interview

Woman researching a company on the computer prior to an interview
A little bit of Research Goes a Long Way, Check out a Company’s Website and Facebook Page Prior to going in for an interview.
  1. Research The Company
  • Check out their Website
  • Visit their social media pages
  • Find out everything you can about the company, when you do your homework it shows that you are serious about the opportunity, especially if you can comment or ask a question about something you found out. i.e. I noticed you are a 2nd generation Family Business, how have things changed as the new generation has taken over?

2. Know What They Are Going To Ask

Have a Good Idea What Questions you are going to be asked and have prepared answers, you can expect to speak about where you previously worked, why you left previous employers, why you are looking for work etc.

3. Bring A List Of Questions

You are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you, bring with you questions you want to know about. Not just questions to fill time but things you genuinely want to know.

4. Bring Relevant Certification

Bring with you copies of certification that may be relevant, I.e. Journeyman Millwright Certification or Training Courses that you have taken that are relevant. If you know they have a lot of hydraulic machines and you have recently completed a Hydraulics training course make sure you bring that with you. Only bring what is relevant, I once had a guy bring me a binder filled with everything including the results of his first driving test when he was 16, every 1 day training course he had taken for the last 15 years and anything else that you can imagine. While the volume looked impressive all the stuff that didn’t matter was just noise, you want them focused on the certification that actually matters.

2. Confidence

Millwright getting ready for an interview
Confidence is key, You’ve got this. You are the Millwright they want to hire!

Confidence is a tricky one to fake, especially if you are more of a reserved person but in an interview you need to sell yourself. You don’t want to be arrogant but you want to be proud of your accomplishments and not afraid to share them.

If you are shy, do a little extra prep ahead of time listing out projects you have completed that you are proud of, repairs you are confident in, training you have received and times when you were able to go above and beyond.

When it comes to confidence just remember, they want to hire you. No employer would want to waste their time interviewing candidates that they are not interested in hiring. Simply based on the fact that they asked you to interview it means they saw something on your resume that says to them that you are a good fit. The job is yours for the taking.

3. Unwritten (until now) Interview Rules

Following these interview rules can make or break an interview. I have heard from way to many employers that say we wanted to hire him but he did _____ during the interview and now we can’t or we thought he was interested but we never heard back so he must not be and if he is not interested neither are we. Follow the below rules and you will be fine.

  1. Dress Code – Wear dress pants,a button up shirt and dress shoes. If you have piercings remove them for the interview as many employers will consider piercings a safety issue. Dressing nicely shows that you are taking the interview seriously and you really want the job. If you are coming straight from work and don’t have time to dress nice make sure you let them know ahead of time, it is ok to show up in work attire so long as they are expecting it.
  2. Arrive Early but not too Early – For most employers if you are going to show up late you may as well not show up at all. If you show up late for the interview that is a strong indication you will be late for work. You want to get to your interview early but not too early. If you arrive an hour early that can be disruptive for a Hiring Manager who has their day planned. Give yourself plenty of time for traffic and if you are too early just grab a coffee or kill sometime. Ideally walk into the building 15 minutes before your scheduled interview time
  3. Don’t trash talk your previous employers, you do not want to come off as a complainer
  4. Thank them for taking the time to meet with you
  5. Follow up the interview with an e-mail thanking them for meeting you, letting them know you are very interested in the role, recapping why you are a good fit and providing references. 
  6. Make sure they know you are interested in the job before you leave, you can be upfront about this no need to play games. Tell them that you were impressed and think this would be a great opportunity for you.

I hope these tips help, if you have any questions do not hesitate to call 1(833) 762-5787. Also if you are looking for work and not getting enough interviews or haven’t met with the right company yet please contact Rockstar Millwrights and we will do all we can to get you an interview for your dream job.

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