6 Questions To Ask When Being Interviewed For A Millwright/Industrial Mechanic Job


If you are being interviewed for a Millwright Job in the near future, don’t go in empty handed. Everyone knows that you are going to be hit with a barrage of questions but many forget to prepare questions of their own to ask.

Asking questions in an interview shows that you are serious, that you may have other options and will also help to make sure that the company is the right ‘fit’ for you. Taking on a new job is more than just getting the right pay and shift, you spend way too much time at work, you need to make sure it is a good fit for you personally as well.

Below are 6 questions that you should be asking in an interview:

1. Why are you hiring?

This is the most important question you need to ask in any interview. Why they have an opening gives a good picture as to where the company is at right now. The best answers are because of growth or they promoted someone. 

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Is this job replacing someone that just got fired? Does this company teminate people often? These are things you need to know when considering a new job.

On the other side, the worst answers are because they fired someone, someone quit or someone was injured. If it is any of those 3 ask a follow up Why question. Maybe it was justified but you want to make sure you are not joining a company that has a lot of overtime.

2. Overtime, what is the OT Availability and is it mandatory? 

If you are counting on overtime to pay your bills you need to make sure they have it. Ask “on average how many hours are your Millwrights working each week?”

Alternatively if your schedule does not allow for Overtime, i.e. you have kids you have to pick up from school, make sure that OT is not a requirement or if it is that they can work around your schedule.

3. What Type of Training Do You Provide?

You want a company that is going to start you off with training on their specific machines and is also committed to providing ongoing training. If you are not receiving update training your skills will not advance. Machines are always advancing and you need to stay on top of that.

4. What is the career growth potential?

You want to know if they typically promote from within. If there is no potential growth i.e. to a Supervisor or Manager, that is fine but you should know that. If you have no interest in being promoted, which is also fine, then don’t bother asking this.

5. What Is The Safety Record?

Millwrights are working with machines that are way too powerful for safety to not be a big concern and you want to make sure your employer is just as concerned about it. You also want to find out what they are doing for safety i.e. awareness training. Taking a job that pays more is great but not if you are going to get hurt on the job.

6. Why do you like working here?

You want to get an honest opinion about what it is like to work there. If you just ask why do people like working here you will get the company line, if you ask what do YOU like about working here you will get an honest opinion.

Hopefully thse questions help you make a better choice. If you have an interview coming up I also recommend checking out ‘The Best Interview Tips For Millwrights’and if you are looking for work and not getting enough interviews contact us at Rockstar Millwrights and we will work for you (for free) to get interviews scheduled for your dream job.

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