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Ready To Start a Career As A Mechanic? Take This Advice From Journeyman MechanicsWe Asked 100’s of Experienced Mechanics throughout Canada and the United States what they wish they knew or what advice they wish they had been given when they started in the trade. Here are the top 20 pieces of advice.

  1. Go to a good trade school. Do your research before you enroll, make sure they have an up to date facility.
  2. Think before doing. To be a good mechanic you need brains, strengths and guts.
  3. Have a Passion for what you do and take pride in your work.
  4. Be willing to take on any job, build your career from the ground up.
  5. Work smart, your back and knees won’t last forever.
  6. Take any training that is offered to you
  7. Learn how to diagnose and repair, be more than just a parts changer.
  8. Start with humble expectations, the first few years are going to be tough.
  9. Listen to your Journeyman. If you are not going to take the time to listen to them, they will stop trying to teach you.
  10. Be on time and ready to work.
  11. Never stop learning, even when you become a Journeyman. No one knows everything and the trade changes all the time.
  12. Ask lots of questions, don’t be shy.
  13. Avoid the tool dealers early in your career. Many get into financial problems buying fancier tools than they need. The basics will get you through, replace them with higher quality tools when you can afford it.
  14. Don’t cut corners, shortcuts lead to call backs.
  15. Be willing to start at the bottom and work your way up.
  16. Pay attention to match and science in highschool.
  17. Don’t blindly follow a Journeyman, question them if what they are saying is not what you were taught.
  18. Be prepared to start on 2nd or 3rd shift.
  19. Be willing to get dirty.
  20. Pay attention to Safety, there are reasons for the safety policies. Getting the job done safely is more important than getting it done quickly.

I hope the above tips help you out. If you think of any others please add them to the comments.
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    I just graduated from Durham College in Millwright Technician and having a degree in mechanical engineering. I looking for Millwright apprenticeship and willing to do volunteering in this field to gain experience. I want some advice on how to join the apprentice program and other guideline.

    Please give some advice.
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