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Top 5 Featured Jobs
for Auto MEchanics in America

-You Deserve A Good Job!-

Being a Car Mechanic is hard work, it takes years of Training, Dedication, and Skills most don't have. If you are working in the trade you deserve the best. We hand picked 5 top jobs from across the USA that are available right now!

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Bremerton, WA

Work with the Biggest!

One of the largest Auto Dealer groups on the West Coast has immediate openings just outside of Seattle in Bremerton. They employ over 200 technicians and know how to treat them right, offers career advancement opportunities, training available from multiple manufacturers, great benefits, as well as long term stable work. They are also currently offering Relocation Assistance so as MXPX says, “Grab your bags and hitch a ride, Bremerton’s a good place to reside.”

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Oakland, CA

Field Work in The Bay Area!

Mobile maintenance is one of the fastest emerging trends in the Automotive world with more and more companies offering it. Unlike a lot of the other fly by night companies, this role is backed by one of the Automotive world’s biggest producer of vehicles. That means they can provide the best equipment, stable hours, and guaranteed employment. Ditch the commute and start your work day from home!

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Charlotte, NC

Classics and Exotics in Charlotte

A custom shop in Charlotte that specializes in classic Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce and other luxury vehicles has an immediate opening in their one of a kind shop. Specifically looking for technicians with engine and carburetor expertise.

pickup truck, drifting, power

Birmingham, AL

Diesel Specialist in Birmingham

If you like diesel work and want to join a team that will treat you right, this is the one for you! This is the kind of shop that techs just don’t leave but they are busier than they can handle and need an experienced tech to join their team. Those with diesel experience will be given preference. 

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YORK, pa

Room To Grow in PA

Several opportunities currently available with shops throughout Pennsylvania including roles with Independent Shops as well as Dealerships. One in particular has a huge shop where you won’t be tripping over other technicians and will have plenty of space for your box, no matter how large it is.


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